Wednesday, July 8, 2015

WODs log July

July 3rd - 4th
Hiking at Big Bend - Emory Peak, Window Trail, Boquillas Canyon, Hot Springs

July 7th Tuesday
HIIT 45m
Toe tap on medicine ball
Wall tap with air squat
Bear crawl
Sandbell squat shuffle
Prone to V abs with side toe tap

July 8th Wed
Rock climbing 2hours

July 9th Thurs
Run 4 miles

July 11th Saturday
Warm up;
High pulls 20kg x10
Jerk press 20kg x10
Shrugs 30kg x15
Front squat 30kg 35kg x8
Lifting - Olympic clean and jerk 20 25 30kg practice
2 reps pf
KB overhead swing 16kg x21
Single unders x100
Thrusters 20lg x15
GHD sit-up x15

n/b: First time on GHD = abs very sore
First time trying 'explosivity' in clean = traps are super sore

July 16th Thursday
Deadlift day to failure
95lbs 125lbs 135lbs 145lbs x10
155lbs 160lbs 162.5lbs x 8
165lbs x5 (75kg) = 5RM

July 20 Monday
2 mile walk

July 21 Tuesday
Tennis 1h30m

July 22 Thursday
5 minutes AMRAP for each WOD
Thrusters 45 lbs (20kg)
Dead-hang knees to elbow
Clean 25kg (55 lbs)
Lunged battle rope side slams
Russian twist 12 lbs (6kg)
Single skip x150 (and attempt double unders in between)
Bench press 20kg (45 lbs)
Finished with 1 mile run

July 25 Saturday
Dip (asst)
Triceps pulldown
Decline sit-ups
Sun salutations
N/B: was feeling ill so didn't get a good work-out

July 29 Wednesday
5 rounds of:
Front squat x10
Clean x10
Strict Press (until failure then switch to Push Press) x10
Bent-over row x10

Deadlift 95 lbs (43kg) 2x10 115lbs (52kg) 2x10
Roman Chair (or Captain's Chair) Straight Leg Raise 3x10
Cool down with abs obliques slider, dead hangs and wall-handstand holds

My warm-up is your workout.