Tuesday, June 9, 2015

WODs log June

June 4th Thurs
Jog at Buff Bayou

June 5th Fri

June 6th
5km run
Two-stepping and dancing

June 7th Sun

June 8th Mom
Rock climbing 3hours Grade 5.8+ to 5.9 for flat vertical and a few negative slope. Completed one Grade 5.10A flat vertical

June 9th Tues
HIIT express 30m
HIIT 50m
Badminton and basketball 30m

June 10th Wednesday
Recovery warm-ups;
Backsquat 20kg 29kg 34kg x8 42.5kg 2x6
Overhead squat 2x8
High pulls 20kg x8
Clean 20kg 2x8
Clean 29kg x6
Front jab x20 each side
Deadlift 42.5kg 51.5kg x10 60.5kg x8

June 13th Saturday
Tennis 1h

June 14th Sunday
Tennis 1h

June 15th

June 17th Wednesday
Rock Climbing 2h

June 18th
Barre Fit

June 20th Saturday
Tennis 1h

June 23
1km run
3 sets of alternate Frontsquat - Push Press - BentOverRow x10 each subset

June 24th Wednesday
Tennis 1.5h

June 30
WOD 5 set of strength (w sandbell) - cardio - abs (weighted)
Push up with sandbell flip - shuffle run 40m - crunches
Clean & jerk (light) - shuffle 40m - V ups
Squat - run 40m - side plank 
Bent over row - side shuffle run 40m - Russian twist
Burpees with sandbell flip - hopping run 40m - Weighted plank