Friday, May 1, 2015

WODs log May

May 1 Friday
2 hrs Badminton

May 2 Saturday
AM: 20 SU, 20 PU, 100SKP (nope not double unders unfortunately lol)

PM: 1 km run
CTW-HS 10" 60s x3
Dead hang from bar 23s x3
Turkish Get-up 12kg Right hand x5 8kg Left hand x5
Front squat 20kg 10x3
Clean and jerk with splits 20kg 10x2
WOD of TABATA 1 set of alternate
KB swings  32
Thrusters 20kg 27
N/B: Body felt weak today, as I only had instant noodle the last 8 hours! Silly >.<

May 3 Sunday
Bodypump 1hr
Body Balance 1hr

May 5 Tuesday
Was travelling for a day to San Diego so did a low intensity hour of double sets of 10 reps to get the body kicking:
Sun salutations, CTW-HS, dumbbell rows, dumbbell deadlifts, box jumps, push-ups, sit-ups, bench, lunges etc

May 6 Wednesday
Crossfit at Invictus San Diego
WOD of
Every 5 min for 30, 6 rounds of;
400m run
20 Russian KB swings 16kg
40 double unders

2 sets of; 
Hawaiian squat 90s/side
Prone plank hold 60s

May 7 Thursday
Local league baseball/Softball co-ed adult tournament. I got dragged into a game (an inning) to replace someone thanks to my partner. I was given the catcher position and had to learn on the go! And also the terminologies. I helped score 3 points and the final score was 14-21. Partner was an amazing support who (also) constantly embarrassed me with "You can do it! Don't forget that one time batting cage practice!"
Quote of the day by le partner: "I learnt more off the field than you did on the field!"

May 10 Sunday
Fast Flow Yoga 1h

May 14 Thursday
Barre-Fit 1h with some shoulders with barbell after

Mayu 16 Saturday
Yoga 1h

May 17 Sunday

May 18 Monday
20m WOD:
2 rounds of
Asst 20kg pull-ups x10
Abs w swiss ball x10 each leg
Shoulders I,T,Y 5lbs to 3lbs x10
Alternate leg hop and squat with bosu ball
2 rounds of
Swiss ball pass x15
Ring Rows x10
5lbs Bicep curls with active hold on other hand x10
Side step with hard resistance bands x10

May 19 Tuesday

May 20 Wednesday
Body Sculpt / Body Pump 1h

May 21 Thursday
Badminton 30mins
Yoga 90mins

May 23 Saturday
Yoga 1h

May 24 Sunday
30mins casual cycling

May 26 Tuesday
HIIT 1h with Sandbell (SB) 15lbs = 7kg
50 thruster + 200m run + 30 weighted sit up
50 overhead slam  + 200m weighted lunge
40 snatches + 200m run + 45 seconds side plank (with upper leg lift) each side
50 alternate body row and Y lift + 200m run + lunge partner toss
50 push-up with SB flipover  +  1 minute weighted plank

Basketball 20min

Weightlifting 30min;
Backsquat 20kg (44lbs)x10; 29kg (64lbs)x8; 43kg (96lbs)x6
Biceps curl 10lbs (4.5kg) 10x2
Triceps two-arm-extension 15lbs (6.8kg) 10x2
Shoulders lateral raise 7.5lbs (3.4kg) 10x2

May 27 Wednesday

May 28
Barre Fit

May 29

Train like a beast, look like a beauty