Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Drum log 2015

I bought a proper drum kit (a trap set, not congas!) as a post-internship gift to myself. An instrument I've always wanted to learn (on top of many other instruments like a saxophone and a banjo!).

Background-wise, I am by default a rhythmic guitarist (both electric and acoustic), a self-critical vocalist, a rusty pianist and can play Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star on a violin and on the erhu. I learnt piano from Mrs Janet who is now a director of the music school back home, self taught myself acoustic guitar, electric guitar.

Experience-wise, I started drums using Guitar Hero/Rock Band (don't laugh it works) for about a year and only play the drums, and that is where I learned how to coordinate my limbs.

So to self teach myself drums, I will log songs I attempt to learn and note its progress and my challenges in each song. If I get distracted from writing my PhD, don't be surprised by me analysing my progress on an Excel Spreadsheet like how I do it with my fitness (which I have kind of abandoned the last month due to crazy hectic life events and decisions!) 

...and logging is perfect for this airhead!

Format of log:
[Artist]'s [Song] - [Song coverage], [Difficulty and Stamina Requirement], [Simplification, Challenges]

Collective Soul - All That I Know - Full song, Easy, 100%
The Offspring's Come Out And Play - Full song, Moderate, , 
The Offspring's The Kids Aren't Alright - Full song, Challenging, Main challenge is song tempo
The Killers' Mr Brightside - Full song, Partly challenging unless simplified, Main challenge is getting the hi-hat dynamics/add-ons and maintaining the groove while doing that.

Muse songs