Sunday, September 30, 2012

...oh the obligatory hello

And so I've finished my BSc in Geology.

And the day after my last paper I had to begin background reading on evaporites, sabkhas and Qatar, because two of my industrial sponsors were visiting the following Monday to discuss about the three-year project.

Background reading was hard to get a headstart on, because (to much of Dr. Mary Benton's disappointment), my memory is indeed compartmentalised.

So I met my sponsors whom both agreed that I was 'expensive to fund' over two full days of meeting and discussion about the project with various of collaborators - Dr. Alex Anesio, Dr. Tom Scott and possibly Prof. Mike Kendall.

So what will my PhD be about?

Hydrogeology and Geochemistry of Holocene Sabkhas in Qatar.

I am contemplating whether to blog about it, hence the wishy-washy half-hearted start-up.

Right now I am spending my summer in North Andros, Bahamas helping on a research work by Katie Cooper, more about it at

At Nassau. Yes, I was working. I was.
Where I will be in four months time.